Why is Mercedes-Benz So Popular?

why is mercedes-benz so popular?

Having been on our roads since 1926, Mercedes-Benz continues to be one of the most popular brands of vehicles.  Tracing back to 1886 and Karl Benz’ creation of the first gasoline-powered automobiles, the popularity of the cars are ever growing for a variety of reasons.  There is a great focus on innovation and technology, drawing in the motorheads among us across the globe. However, they are also small and smart, using forward thinking to be environmentally sustainable for city slickers.  With commitment to being cutting edge, collaborating with people and companies from across industry, Mercedes-Benz is accessible to all.

Popular for Practicality

The Smart Car is a Mercedes owned brand that is one of the most practical small cars on the road.  The original concept was a small car designed only for driver and passenger – known as the Smart ‘fortwo’ model – minimising space for the city driver so it could be parked anywhere.  While this has now expanded to different varieties of the ‘fortwo’ range, there is also the ‘forfour’, a four seater compact vehicle. The original design, now known as the ‘fortwo pure’ is 1.66 meters wide, proving the mission to make a small yet efficient car is possible.  Hosting wide opening doors for a spacious interior, the Smart has 350 litres of cargo volume for anything you may need day to day. Along with this, the passenger seat is completely foldable for even more space. It’s forward thinking feature is actually in the back; the engine and transmission features are in the rear of the vehicle.  With this is the 3 cylinder gasoline engine with a capacity of 45kw, 52kw or 66kw turbo, a selection of 5 speeds and the unique twin clutch makes this innovative little car truly stand out. While small, the ‘fortwo’ is also keen on safety. Featuring a selection of innovative assistance systems to avoid accidents, standard features include a tridion safety cell and five airbags to protect you on your city commute.  Starting from £10,000, Mercedes has created a popular little car that is the answer to the city parking problem.

Admired for Luxury

From the small to the large, the variety of different vehicles that Mercedes offer also makes it a popular choice.  Looking at the new SL 500 Cabriolet showcases the more luxurious side of the company and what they can do. This model is indeed a luxury car, highlighting how sporty touches can be finessed with modern lines.  The design is long and low in profile, providing soft top driving at its best. Giving the sport cars model look are the 19” AMG alloy wheels with 5 twin-spoke design and the metallic paint job. Driving it like a sports car also means acceleration from 0 – 62mph takes 4.6 seconds with a top speed of 155mph.  Fuel consumption in an urban and country environment is stated to be around 34 mpg with CO₂ emissions at 188g/km. Not only is the SL a popular sport style car, it is also popular for those looking for a opulent ride. To add to the feeling of luxury, there is also the Keyless-Go Comfort package that works alongside the closing aid for door and boot lid.  To make your SL your own, there are a selection of metallic and designo paints; trim styles and colours; leather interior styles in nappa and designo Exclusive nappa and soft-top colours. Everything about the SL is exclusive, almost custom design with the vast number of options. This is what makes the SL so popular. From £113,995, the SL is the definition of opulence.

Desired for Speed

Mercedes-Benz works closely with the Formula 1 Grand Prix with their vastly successful Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport F1 Team.  Their first entry was in 1970 and they have subsequently placed first 67 times. With drivers including Michael Schumacher, Nico Rosberg and Sebastian Vettel, Mercedes cars have been driven by some of the best in the world.  Such a prestigious background increases the popularity of both the brand and the drivers. Currently the Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport team are driving the Mercedes-AMG F1 W09 EQ Power+, building on the strengths of its 2017 predecessors and addressing ‘diva’ reputation of the W08.  This was unveiled at Silverstone and highlighted the new ‘Halo’ driver protection feature. For this we shall have to see what the 2018 season holds in terms of forward innovation.

Popularity in the brand comes wholy from its diversity.  With a type of car for all needs, right up to motor sport, their work in technology and progression is enviable.  Overall, the Mercedes brand has a strong legacy and a growing future which continues to solidify its popularity.

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