Need for Speed! Creative new videos put Hollywood’s best car chases back on the map!

car chase

We all have our favourite action movies, whether it’s a brand new blockbuster or a timeless classic. But what puts the ‘action’ in ‘action movies’? A car chase of course.

Car Parts 4 Less has recreated three famous car chase scenes using Google Map visualisations, showing exactly where in the world these fast-paced scenes took place. See the full collection here:

First off the mark is the 1998 American spy action thriller ‘Ronin’ starring Robert De Niro. Located and filmed in Paris, the chase follows Sam and Vincent as they chase Deirdre and Gregor past the Esplanade Jacques-Chaban-Delmas, round the Place Georges-Mulot fountain and along the banks of The Seine.


Second is the 1980 cult classic ‘The Blues Brothers’ starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd as the R&B brothers. Located and filmed in central Chicago, this chase follows the Blues Brothers trying to make their getaway from the police and the Good Ol’ Boys through a series of improbable manoeuvers along the River North, ending in a police car pileup crossing the Chicago River.

blues brothers

Last but not least is the second installment of the Terminator Franchise, ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day’, directed by James Cameron in 1991. Located and filmed in California, the chase follows T-1000 pursuing John Conner in the La Tuna Canyon Lateral flood channel in East Los Angeles. The Terminator manages to save John Conner just in time as T-1000 explodes in a fireball in the tunnel divide.


A spokesperson from Car Parts 4 Less said: “There’s no denying these films had some of the most iconic and memorable car chases in movie history, so we wanted to put these locations back ‘on the map’ so to speak, with a more modern twist.

“Although some of these chases seemed far-fetched and improbable on the big screen, they were filmed in real life locations. However, we don’t recommend trying to recreate them yourself – well not as speed anyway!”

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