Amazing Year for Aston Martin

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2017 has been a cracking year for cars. But one manufacturer in particular seems to be racing out ahead of the rest. In the last couple of months alone we have seen the likes of the new Vantage and Valkyrie AMR Pro, as well as the DB11 Volante and the Vanquish and Volante Ultimate. This line up alone is enough to make any Aston Martin lover happy. But when you consider that this year has also seen new additions to the Zagato range, the Vanquish S and the Red Bull Racing editions, to name a few, it’s not hard to see that Aston Martin are on top of their game.

While all these cars are different, there is one uniting factor that is absolutely undeniable, they all ooze luxury and style. Even the Valkyrie AMR Pro that was designed for tracks and speed, functions just as well on the road as any other Aston Martin. While the Valkyrie AMR Pro isn’t the one I would choose out of and Aston Martin line up, it certainly contributes to making Aston Martins current offerings some of the best ever.

If the new sport additions show us anything, its that Aston Martin has taken a step away from the sleek, smooth, James Bond-mobiles, towards fast and fierce machines that can rule both the road and the track.

Every release this year has surprised and pleased even non Aston lovers. With all the surprises and uncertainty, there is only one thing we can know for sure….2018 is going to be a great year for Aston Martin.


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