Ibiza ready to shoot for the stars


Since it’s arrival in 1984, Spanish car manufacturer, SEAT has sold over 5.4 million of the Ibiza model. The Ibiza has the youngest customer base by a full 10 years and so it’s design is fresh and young while maintaining a mature balance.

It is now only available in 5-door with a streamlined style which has a sportier look and feel to it.

Starting at £13,130 it is affordable for all budgets, and it comes in a choice of three 1.0 Litre petrol engines.

SEAT has not scrimped on the specification of the Ibiza which now boasts a 355-litre capacity which is bigger than you will find for a car of its size. The technology inside is also very advanced with a front and rear parking sensors, rear view camera, there are also additional features at a cost such as Beats sound system and full LED lights.

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