The Citroen C1 and the 7 hour road trip


It seems that everyone is after smaller cars and smaller engines these days. Many years ago, a city car was seen as a travesty and were not considered viable alternatives to saloons or bigger cars. They seemed to be a bit light on the crash protection side. City cars have come a long way in the past few years which has prompted an experiment.

The car which was chosen for this experiment was the Citroen C1, the flair edition which had funky alloys, sat nav, rear tinted windows and a revvy little 1.2L 3 cylinder turbocharged engine.

The little C1’s performance was faultless, when you’re behind the wheel, you kind of forget you’re in a little car, It’s quite deceptive.

The C1 was great around town and took us on a 7 hour road trip without so much as an aching back. It may not be the obvious choice if you are heavy on miles, but there is always the C3.

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